Welcome to the natESM system#

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The aim of natESM is to develop a comprehensive Earth system modeling framework that operates seamlessly across multiple scales. It is built upon national model components and is intended for use in various domains, including research, operational applications, training, and education. The modeling system leverages German expertise while remaining open to international contributions, with an emphasis on minimizing dependencies. See more in our White Paper

This undertaking is intricate and multifaceted, necessitating the representation of a wide array of processes, interactions, temporal and spatial scales, and both existing and missing model components and parameterizations. This encompasses tasks such as simulation, data assimilation, and diagnostic workflows. The only way to address these demands effectively is through a dynamic model system, which can provide a comprehensive overview of the complexities inherent in this modeling system.

The technical criteria underpinning the construction of our natESM system, which have been collectively agreed upon by our community, are pivotal in guiding the selection of all contributing components.

The system we present here encompasses the current components and potential technologies of natESM, complete with detailed descriptions, links to related projects and literature, and associated tags. This resource facilitates the identification of dependencies among individual components.

To get an initial overview of the current natESM system, you can check out the folder structure.

Core Components Infrastructure Contribution

natESM needs your expertise!

If you want to get involved in the process: Please read through our Quickstart to check your Gitlab account and access. Please consider opening an issue for missing or unclear information.